Wild Thing

The Plymouth Prowler, approved for concept in July 1992, was a showstopper in January 1993 when it made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. So much so that, despite a questionable market for the car, in 1997 the first production version of the Prowler rolled off the line at Conner Avenue Assembly in Detroit. Prowlers were sold as five distinct model years: 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 (there was no 1998 model year). The first Prowler available for sale to the public sold here in Auburn, Indiana for $141,000. Its high price was due primarily to the “got to be first, don’t care what it costs” guys duking it out for bragging rights. Since then, a claimed 11,703 of the limited production Prowlers were constructed. Most have lived a perfect pampered and unmodified life, but a few were taken to new levels with custom features, such as the award-winning “Wild Thing” roadster seen here.

Fully customized over a period of seven years, this Prowler has been carefully crafted into an extraordinary machine. The supercharged engine upgrade is stated to produce 675 flywheel horsepower and 472 rear wheel horsepower. With a weight of 2,875 pounds, it has a calculated quarter-mile time of 10.64 seconds. The exterior multi-stage graphics are unmatched with hundreds of hours in labor. The black panther on the rear deck took 45 hours of professional airbrushing. The efforts resulted in acceptance into the respected House Of Kolors 2010 calendar. They select 12 cars from all over the world to be in the publication. House Of Kolors indicates that the total cost of the paint job was $55,000. The interior is also totally custom and it carries the same tones of color and theme style seen over the balance of this extraordinary machine. AutoMeter white-faced gauges and a custom steering wheel are seen in the primarily orange and black interior. Distinctive custom alloy wheels are most fitting in design and are wrapped with Michelin tires. It has been estimated that well over $400,000 in time and materials were invested into this Prowler, but the finished product is priceless. Set up for shows, it is also wired so it can be plugged into a 110-volt system to play movies, run the strobe lights and the remarkable sound system. This is without question the finest custom show Prowler in the world.


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VIN: 1P3EW65G5YV606115