Nerf Bars – Real Rod

Take grill out.
Take battery out.
Take battery holder out.
Then take the horns off .
You are now ready to install the small bracket at the back .
you will be able to feed the two bolts into the holes under the battery holder holes.
They will be a tight fit.
Put the bracket in place and thread the nuts on.
Leave it loose. As possible I said they will be tight…
Now you can move to the front bracket..
Center the u bolts over the front nose frame.
Place the front bracket and then thread the bolts on …
Be careful the bolts go on straight…..
At this time tighten front bracket enough so that you can place the nerf bars on the outside of each bracket.
Tighten the bars…
Then you have to adjust them to either touch the car or just off the paint.
You will have to take your time to adjust and then tighten all the bolts.
Replace everything..



Real Rod Nerf Bars