How to remove the Headlamp Switch

How to replace the Headlamp Switch:

1. Remove Dash/Upper Instrument Panel
2. Lower Steering Wheel to far bottom position
3. Push down at back of dash near windshield and have someone else pull on front of dash near left edge. When pulled out slightly, repeat on opposite right side. Lift dash up slightly and remove from car
4. Locate Headlamp Switch behind headlamp knob
5. Unplug RED wire harness connector safely
6. Unplug BLUE wire harness connector from Low Tire Pressure Warning Module safely
7. Unplug BLACK wire harness connector from the top of the headlamp switch by releasing the two snap-on hooks (one on the rear-left and one at the front-right side) of the connector
8. To release headlamp switch shaft/knob locate release button at the bottom of the headlamp switch
9. Move larger L-shaped screwdriver or Allen key on the left side underneath the headlamp switch
10. Press the spring release button by pulling the screwdriver or Allen key upwards and remove safely headlamp switch shaft by pulling on shaft/knob
11. Save headlamp switch shaft/knob for reinstallation
12. Remove/unsnap plastic headlamp switch bezel carefully, but snap-on hooks may will break taking it off. Bezel must be removed to get to the Headlamp Switch spanner nut
13. Save headlamp switch bezel for reinstallation
14. Locate Headlamp Switch spanner nut behind dashboard
15. Remove the spanner nut that secures the headlamp switch in place
16. Move headlamp switch slightly up
17. Unplug BLACK wire harness connector at bottom of Headlamp Switch safely
18. Remove Headlamp Switch from dash board complete
19. Done!!! YEAH!
20. Install new Headlamp Switch in reverse order