Airbags (SRS)

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Airbag

This vehicle has an airbag for driver and passenger as a supplement to the seat belt restraint system.  The driver’s airbag is mounted in the steering wheel.  The passenger side airbag is mounted in the steering wheel.  The panel, under a cover marked SRS/AIRBAG.  These airbags inflate in higher speed impacts/ they work with the instrument panel knee bolsters and the seat belts to provide improved protection fro the driver and right front passenger.

The seat belts are designed to protect you in many types of collisions.  The airbags deploy only in frontal collisions and will not deploy in collisions at slow speeds.  But even in collisions where airbags work, you need the seat belts to keep you in the right position for the airbags to protect you properly.


Passenger Side Airbag On/Off Switch

The on/off switch is located at the end of the instrument panel and is accessible by opening the passenger door.  The on/off switch is to be used only when a rear-facing infant restraint is used in the right front passenger position.  If the airbag is turned off when there is any other occupant at that position, the supplemental restating provided by the airbag will not be available.