Gears -Prowler Pro

Prowler Pro Gears Get Installed by Dan Pena

Here is where my adventure begins. I first remove the bolt which retains the oil line to the tranny oil cooler. see below



Here you see how I loosened the four bolts which hold the tranny oil cooler. see below



Once I removed the oil cooler, the fan assembly appears. see below



I then proceed to secure the oil cooler to the side to clear the removal of the fan assembly. see below



I know proceed to remove the fan assembly and start with this bolt. Keep in mind there are four bolts to remove total. This bolt is the first in two to remove in the passenger side. see below



Here is the other side or drivers side bolt to remove from the fan assembly. There will be two on this side or the drivers side to remove. see below



Here is the second bolt on the passengers side to remove. This one is deeper inside. see below



Here is the other bolt  on the drivers side. see below



After removing the four bolts total. Two from the passengers side and two from the drivers side. The fan assembly drops down. see below



The next step is to release the fan clip. see below




At this point you have total access to the 4 transaxle rear mount bolts. There will be two on the passenger side and two on the drivers side. see below



Here you the the drivers side transaxle bolts. see below



Here is a rear shot of the area where the gears are. see below



Now here I remove the rear mount bolt.
I did not take a picture of the hydralic jack we used to raise the tranny a little to relieve the pressure from the rear mount bolt. see below



Here is what the bolt looks like. see below



Here you see the latest state of the art tools to relieve the pressure off the rear mount thru bolt. see below




Gear Ratios:

When referring to Rear end ratio we must be sure we are comparing “apples to apples.”
American muscle cars used to have a Top gear ratio of 1.00 to 1.00.
So comparing differential gear ratios made sense Differential Ratio = Final Drive Ratio.

However, with today’s cars 4th gear is overdrive (< 1.00 to 1.00).
So when calculating Stock Prowlers FINAL DRIVE RATIO =

Differential Ratio x 4th gear Ratio = 3.89 x .69 = 2.68
Prowler Pro gears increase the Final Drive ratio by 27 %.
So PROWLER PRO FINAL DRIVE RATIO = 2.68 x 1.27 = 3.42


The gearset fits without any modifications to the cover and does not requires any additional shims or spacers. The only thing you will need to obtain is 2 quarts of automatic transmission fluid (Chrysler ATF +3 or +4 depending on the year of your Prowler.) Installation time is 3 hours or less and is 100% reversible.

Dimensions and Strength:

Chain width stock 2 chains at 0.625″ = 1.25″
Chain width Prowler Pro                       =  1.75″
40% more contact area


RPM @ 80mph in 4th gear stock = 2400
RPM @ 80mph in 4th gear Prowler Pro = 3100

Shift Points:

stock 1st gear to 2nd= 48 mph
Prowler Pro 1st gear to 2nd = 37 mph

stock 2nd to 3rd= 89 mph
Prowler Pro 2nd gear to 3rd  = 71 mph