PCM-Wiring Problem

The wires are smashed and/or pinched and can cause an intermittent problem. It might be worth taking off the outer covering and flexing those wires

from the PCM Wires come out- Note the light green wire with the pink/red stripe. It is creased somewhat on a 90-degree turn toward the rear of the car.

“Took screws out and moved PCM up 2 inches for more wire loom clearance.  Tied loom in place so it comes straight out no more 90 degrees. The other spot is on the left side of cowl at bottom wire loom was rubbing against cowl, almost rubbed thru the insulation but not quite. Loom at that spot has a lot of pressure on it, it’s above the speed control unit. cut old ties and moved loom over about 1 inch and re-tied it”