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Automatic Door Lock feature:

The Prowler’s have a special feature that
is never mentioned in the owner’s manual.
The door locks will activate automatically
once the car exceeds 18 mph. I only found
this out while looking through the 2000
service manual. Here are the following
instructions to enable this feature:
1)cycle the ignition switch 4 times between
the off and on position (do not start car)
2)leave in the off position after the 4th
time. hit the door lock switch once and a
chime will sound to let you know its

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to return to original


Removing the hub caps

Find a wooden clothes pin, the kind with the spring in the middle. Throw the spring away. Now you have two official Prowler hub cap removal tools. You can steal these from your neighbors clothes line so they are free.


Unable to rotate the ignition key back to the off position to remove it

Remove chrome shifter bezel and reattach the disconnected lock cable (11 o’clock position) back into to the “forked” bracket. Apply a dab of silicone to it to prevent future recurrence.


Car goes into Limb-Mode (does not go higher than 2nd gear)

To be safe, carry a transmission input and output sensors with you in your trunk. If the cat locks up into 2nd gear out in the middle of nowhere, this will be a life saver. You will also need a 1″ deep socket to remove and install.


Gauges not Working

I took the dash assembly apart, I found corrosion on the two printed contact strips which electrically connect the warning panel to the gauges. I cleaned the corrosion and put the dash back together and everything works fine.