Window Sticker

If you wanted a Window Sticker for your Prowler, you can try

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From a POA Member Don McCormack


Window Stickers (Your Way) Free to POA, just make a donation for his grandchildren that he and his wife are taking care off

“Plymouth and Chrysler Window Stickers..I’ve been working on
the US and Canadian Window stickers in PDF format that will print out
in Tabloid size (Like the original OEM ones 17x 11 inches)

I will email you your personalized Sticker in full color

Please email me you info to or

I will need to complete the sticker

Chrysler or Plymouth Sticker
Vin number
Sold to – Dealer or you
Delivered to – Dealer or you

If you Like, a Picture of your Prowler

Anything else you would like on the Sticker

and most important an Email address where I can send your Sticker
What do you think about adding a Kat “Watermark” to the Windows Stickers

Using the resize picture utility from this site”


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