Vehicle Theft Security System

The system monitors the doors, trunk, engine hood and ignition for unauthorized operation.  If something triggers the alarm, the system will signal for about 3 minutes.  The horn will sound and the headlights and park/tail lights will flash.

Note: The engine will not start until you disarm the system.

To set the alarm:

1)      Remove the keys from the ignition switch and get out of the vehicle.

2)      Lock the door using either the power door lock switch or the Keyless Entry Transmitter and close all doors.

3)      The Alarm Set light on the instrument panel will flash rapidly for several seconds.  This shows that the system is arming.  After 15 seconds the SET light will continue to flash slowly.  This shows that the system is fully armed.

If the SET light comes on but does not flash, a malfunction has occurred.  Take your vehicle to an authorized dealer for repairs.

To disarm the system:

Unlock a front door using either key or the Keyless Entry Transmitter.

Tamper Alert

If the horn sounds 3 times when you unlock a front door using either a key or the Keyless Entry Transmitter, the alarm has been activated.  The Alarm Set Light will flash if the vehicle was been tampered with.  Check the vehicle for tampering.

Reversal of a disabled horn on alarm.

Unlock the car from remote, hold down lock and unlock at the same time for 10 seconds, unlock.